What time do you open?  
The festival starts at 4pm and ends around midnight.

How can i pay if i am not in Bali?
More info here.

Do you have vip tickets?  
We provide VIP packages that include VIP tables with VIP wristbands. More details at the ticketing link above or please visit our hotel partner's website here.

Can i bring my children with me? 
All patrons must be over 18 years old and have valid photo id.

What happens if it rains?  
Please understand that Potato Head Beach Club is a primarily outdoor venue, and it holds no responsibility for customer dissatisfaction in regards to adverse weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather conditions, Potato Head Beach Club will not refund any money paid by the ticket/table holder, including the reservation of any uncovered outdoor areas.  

Is there a dress code?  
No specific dress code, anything goes.

Any recommendations for travel to the event?   
We recommend to come in a taxi and to arrive before 1pm due to high congestion of traffic within the Seminyak area.  There is limited car and bike parking available. We recommend to take transport.

Will there be strobe lights used during the festival?  
A: Strobes are often part of artist lighting requirements and their use will be up the artist's lighting designer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their usage.


Can I enter from the beach? 
No, access will only be granted from the main entrance.

Can I leave my valuables somewhere within the venue?  
We recommend to only bring necessary items as there is no cloak room facility available.

Do you have an atm? 
We have one fixed atm and one mobile atm for the festival.

Can my friends buy tickets on the day?  
We are expecting to sell out prior to the event. More than likely there will be no tickets available on the day.  We recommend to purchase the tickets in advance. 

Will there be food available? 
There will be a selection of locally sourced and inspired snacks.

Is there re-entry?
You may exit and re-enter the festival with a valid wristband. 

Where is the venue located?