Is this an all-ages festival?  
No. You have to be at least 18 years old to attend the festival.



1. When’s the best time to arrive?  
Our gate opens at 3 PM. It’s best if you come early to the festival so you can enjoy Manarai Beach House’s fantastic atmosphere while enjoying the sun, the pool we have at the venue, and the white sandy beach we have next door.

2. What time does it end?
Set times will be announced a few days before the day of the festival. Stay tuned!

3. What will I see inside the festival?
Amazing music courtesy of the acts in our lineup, as well as good food & drinks, and a pool for you to take a dip.

4. Will you be posting the set times in advance? 

5. Can I bring a raincoat?
Feel free! We know it's a summer festival but the weather could be very unpredictable.6. Can I bring a water squirt gun or mister?
No water guns, squirt guns, spray bottles, or misters.

7. Are there any prohibited items?
List of prohibited items will be released a few days before the day of the festival. 

8. If I have to exit the venue, can I come back in?
Yes, you may re-enter the festival.

9. What should we wear?
Wear anything that you're most comfortable to wear. Since it's a summer festival, it's always a great idea to rock that summer look that you've always wanted to pull off!

10. Is there any food? Or can we bring food inside?
You can't bring food and drinks from elsewhere into the festival. But you can indulge yourself in a fantastic culinary experience courtesy of Manarai Beach House’s eclectic variety of food and drinks.

11. Where will the festival take place?
The festival will take place at Manarai Beach House located at the beachfront of Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort at Kawasan Pariwisata ITDC Lot N5, Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80363.



How much is the ticket?
You can check out the latest ticket prices of the festival here.

How can I buy the tickets?
You can buy tickets via online here or offline through our official ticket box partners. Click here to view a list of our official ticket box partners.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?
A maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased under one name per transaction.

Will tickets be sold at the venue?
Yes, if they're not sold out yet. But it's always better to buy in advance.

If I buy the tickets at the designated official ticket boxes, will I get the physical tickets right away?
All ticket purchases, aside from on-the-spot purchases, will receive an e-voucher that must be exchanged with a wristband on the specified venue that will be informed later on.

How can I buy the official travel packages (hotel room + tickets)?
Our official travel packages include a stay at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort for two people and tickets to the festival. Check out our travel packages  here.

Is it safe to buy tickets from a stranger online?
We do NOT recommend you to buy tickets from platforms that are not registered as official ticket box partners as listed here, let alone buying from a stranger online. 

We are NOT responsible for tickets purchased at platforms that are NOT registered as official ticket box partners of Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival 2019.

For a complete list of our official ticket box partners, please click here.


What should I bring to exchange my e-voucher to a wristband?
Coming soon!

What is the valid pass to enter the venue? E-voucher or wristbands?
Your wristband. You will have to exchange your e-voucher to a wristband before you can enter the festival.

Where and when can I exchange my e-voucher?
At Manarai Beach House, Bali starting from 11 AM Central Indonesian Time.

I accidentally damaged my wristband, what do I do?
You will not be able to use the wristband to enter the festival. The only way to enter the festival is to buy another ticket. Once we give the wristband to you, it becomes your possession, it becomes your responsibility, NOT ours. See the previous question.

My wristband is too tight. Will the organizer help us to loosen it?
Once you have collected your wristband, the responsibility of the wristband is fully and solely yours. Including your responsibility to read the Wristband instructions available in the E-voucher Exchange Guildeline and on the wristband packaging.

We simply cannot do anything if this happens.

Someone else accidentally tighten my wristband and I cannot wear it anymore. Can you help?
No. Once you have collected wristband, the responsibility of the wristband is fully and solely yours.



How can I participate in the festival?
If you're interested to sponsor the festival, you can contact our sponsorship team via email at rizka.maulita@ismayagroup.com.